academie: webpage idea

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Tue Nov 27 12:31:06 PST 2001

So the Academie has webpages, which Bryan can conveniently edit.

And we have a wide variety of things that (should) go on those pages,
such as a list of upcoming events with dancing, the activities of our
Chatelaine (Constanza), and so forth.

And we have people like Ursula, who has written a nice list of dance
practices and upcoming events, which isn't at the Academie site.

Wouldn't it be neat if all of us could work together and edit one set
of webpages?

There's software out there that works with normal browsers, and allows
that, called TWiki. I've set up a website so that we can experiment
with it. What I'd like to do is encourage people to begin playing with
it. It'll take 30 minutes to an hour to read over the stuff you'll
need to read.

The website is (A temporary name.)

To get to the good stuff, click on the link at the very bottom, which
says: Join the team that edits these webpages!

At the moment I only have the main page and the "Contacts" page
created, using the information from our existing website, created by

After I've heard from the victims (er, volunteers) (Bryan, Vard,
Ursula, Constanza), we'll decide if this is the right way to go.
Anyone else who might want to help is welcome to look, too.

Gregory Blount

[ And yes, I plan on a similar set of pages for the SCA A&S homepage,
someday soon. ]

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