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Mon Nov 26 16:51:46 PST 2001

Hail, fellow academiens!
     Following is the list of dances to be performed at Lochmere's Mid-Winter Dance Revel January 12.  They are rated by difficulty.  As many of them as possible will be taught during the day, and I have indicated how they will be treated during the formal ball itself.


0= a brainless, two-legged rat could do this dance
1= easy
2= requires some skill
3= requires more experience

List (in no order)

2 Leoncello
2 Marchesana
1 Bassa Danza Lauro-will be called
1 Saltarello (Improvised)--will be explained
1 Piva (imrovised)-will be explained
1 Petits Vriens
1 Amoroso
2 Basse Danse M'amie-will be called
2 Tourdion (fast galliard)
2 Basse Danse Tourin-will be called
2 Tourdion
1 Gelosia-will be called
1 Anello-will be called
0 The Pinwheel-will be explained
2 Rosti Boli Gioioso
2 Carmen's Whistle Canary
3 Colonesse-will be called
2 Vito de Colino-will be called
1 Cassandra Bransle Suite (Cassandra, PInagay and Charlotte)-will be called
1 Bransle de l'officiel
1 Candlestick Bransle
0 Turkish bransle

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