academie: Palming (was Pavanna la Cornetta)

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Nov 26 15:11:57 PST 2001

Scriptsit Judith:
>No, I misunderstand your description.  I thought you were talking about 
>doing what Greg described (taking hands low and turning/circling).  The 
>high-hand hold thing lacks, as Greg has noted, any period iconography, as 
>far as I know.

Cool, thanks for clarifying that.  So now that we're all on the same page, I 
suppose it's time for the next (and likely final) iteration for this dance:

(For the notation below, PL means "Pavanne Set Left", which is SL SR DL.  PR 

Pavana la Cornetta (Mk IV)
A: (Processional) PL PR PL PR

B: (Circling)  M PL around W's front ending to W's R
               M&W Hands (R), PR  (then W pivots R to face fwd)
               W PL around M's front, ending to M's L
               M&W Hands (L), PR  (M&W end facing opposite directions)

C: (Passing)   PL, turning during the DL to face
               Set R&L, Rx (R)
               PR, turning during the DR to face
               Set L&R, Rx (L)

Note, it may seem awkward at first to try to remember when to PL/PR, or when 
to Set R&L/L&R, but once you start doing the dance, the correct direction 
for the "next" figure comes naturally.  Trust me.  ;)

A midi version of the music is available at


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