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Fri Nov 23 16:51:22 PST 2001

Unto Lady Ysolt la Bretonne does Katherine Mercer, of the Academie Atlantienne 
del Dance, send warmest winter greetings.

As has been the case at previous university sessions, the members of the 
Atlantian Dance Academie would like to request a set of classes devoted to the 
art of dance.  We have prepared a full track of six classes taught by five 
different instructors which we would like to offer to the populace at the 
February 2nd university session.

I have provided below the title, description, length, size limitations, fees, 
special requirements and name and contact information for instructors for each 
class.  If at all possible, we would like all six classes to be in the 
order and in a single room.  This not only gives us continuity, but also makes 
the set-up and clean-up much easier!  While none of the classes have specific 
requirements, it would be most helpful to us if you could provide us with one 
the largest rooms available as we have several classes which will hopefully 
a large number of students, and as you know, dancing takes up a great deal of 
space!  Also, if possible, a room without carpet would be preferable to one 
carpet if there is a choice.

If you have any further questions regarding our courses or any of my requests, 
please do not hesitate to contact me.  My e-mail will be down for routine 
maintenance tomorrow (Saturday November 24th) but it should be back up by 

In Service,

1st hour:
Title:  Dancing at Events: Delight or Disaster?
Teacher: Lord Edvard Gayer, Ken Buzzard
Do you want dancing at your event? Have you ever wondered why dancing works at 
some events, but doesn't at others? Come and learn how to coordinate your 
schedule, what to look for in a site, and how to avoid many of the common 
pitfalls so that dancing will not only be successful, but will also be a 
highlight of the day's activities.
Length: 1 hour
Size Limit: None
Fee: None
Contact information for teacher: scavard at
Special Equipment or Needs: None

2nd hour:
Title: Pavans and Almans
Teacher: Lord Stefan of Cambion, Stephen Kiefert
These dances are suitable for beginners and involve no fast
movement or complicated footwork, basically walking. they come
from the london inns of court of the 1570s but are not english
country dancing (no siding and arming). Dances will include black
alman, madame sosilia, lorayne alman, quadran pavan.
Length: 1 hour
Size Limit: none
Fee: none
Contact information for teacher: lanhamlaw at
Special Equipment or Needs: none

3rd hour:
Title: Getting Down and Flirtatious: Basses Danses
Teacher: Lady Judith of Northumbria, Rachel Lorenz
Relatively slow, low to the ground, without any sort of hopping, these very 
simple dances were THE way to dance in 15th c. Europe, including Spain, 
Italy and Germany. All steps will be taught. Some of dances to be taught: 
Tourin, Casuelle la Nouvelle, M'amie.
Length: 1 hour
Size Limit: none
Fee: none
Contact information for teacher: Judithsca at
Special Equipment or Needs: none

4th hour:
Title: Bizzaria d’Amore
Teacher: Lady Katherine Mercer, Cathy Dean	
16th Century dance doesn’t have to be scary or hard!  Bizzaria d’Amore is a 
and flirtatious dance for two couples which is done using only six different 
steps (one of which popped up later in the Charleston).  No previous knowledge 
of 16th Century dance is necessary and all steps will be taught, but some 
previous experience in English Country and/or 15th Century Italian dance is 
Length: 1 hour
Size Limit: 16
Fee: none
Contact information for teacher: cdean at
Special Equipment or Needs: none

5th hour:
Title: Yes, You CAN Dance -- A Basic Introduction to Renaissance Dance in 
Teacher: Lord Bryan Morgan, David Oxford
Afraid to dance at events because it seems like everyone else knows the dances 
already?  Then this class is for you!  Come learn several EASY and FUN dances 
that are frequently danced here in Atlantia.  We will cover Turkish Branle, 
Official Branle Rufty Tufty, and others.  No previous dance experience 
Length: 1 hour
Size Limit: none
Fee: none
Contact information for teacher: dmo at
Special Equipment or Needs: none

6th hour:
Title: Menage à Deux: Couple dances in the 15th c. Italian Tradition
Teacher: Lady Judith of Northumbria, Rachel Lorenz
Couple dances were flirtatious, popular, and only required *two* people to 
them. This class is dedicated to the intermediate level of dance. One should 
already know, or be familiar with, the following terms: singles, double, 
(sideways double), and piva (skipping double). Dances to be covered: 
Marchesana, la Gratiosa, all of which will be reviewed at the end of class, 
Length: 1 hour
Size Limit: none
Fee: none
Contact information for teacher: Judithsca at aol

Catherine E. Dean
cdean at      
Jane Austen Afficianado, Renaissance Dancer, and Future Museum Professional Extraordinaire
SCA: Lady Katherine Mercer
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