academie: Palming (was Pavanna la Cornetta)

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Nov 21 16:05:58 PST 2001

Scriptsit Greg:
>Period paintings and woodcuts show people almost always holding hands
>as low as possible. Note that this means that you are pretty close to
>your partner. So if your object is to turn while staying close to your
>partner, you can just hold hands in the usual fashion.

Okay.... So while I understand that you can "just hold hands in the usual 
fashion", I was asking specifically about the raised hands, and whether or 
not Judith understood that we were talking about THAT when she said that it 
was "perfectly period" (or similar words).

(Gawd, email is such an inadequate media sometimes!!  I *know* this would be 
resolved if I could just *show* everybody what Katherine and I are talking 
about and know that the respondant had seen it. <grin>)

Greg continued,
> > Vard:
> > Out of curiosity, if this is not "palming" ... what *is* palming?
>The "palming" in the (bad modern choreography) Mannschaft Pavane is
>like that, only you don't hold hands in a handshake grip, you press
>your palms together.

Okay, thanks!  :)

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