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Sun Nov 18 11:24:50 PST 2001

Sorry for all those emails I fired off Friday night.  I was at the office 
and things kept popping up.  I'll try to combine things and send fewer 
mailings to the list in the future.

Several of us were at Holiday Faire in Stierbach last night, and we worked 
on Pavana la Cornetta, *finally* getting the choreography right.  My thanks 
to Stefan for suggesting that the A and B parts be shifted to B and C, to 
Katherine for her flash of insight to add palming figures during the B part 
to make everything symmetrical, and Constanza for playing "guinea pig" with 
the other 3 of us while we worked on getting it right.

(For the notation below, PL means "Pavanne Set Left", which is SL SR DL.  PR 

Pavana la Cornetta (Mk III)
A: (Processional) PL PR PL PR

B: (Circling)  M PL around front of W, ending to W's R
               M&W Palm R, PR  (then W pivots R to face fwd)
               W PL around from of M, ending to M's L
               M&W Palm L, PR  (M&W end facing in opposite directions)

C: (Passing)   PL, turning during the DL to face
               Set R&L, Rx
               PR, turning during the DR to face
               Set L&R, Rx

We will "officially" unveil this at Twelfth Night.  Their Majesties, 
together with a few Academie members, will perform this to open the Grand 
Ball.  A midi version of the music is available at

ADS3 Site Info

Last week, I went to our site and measured each of the rooms.  The three 
dance rooms are immediately adjacent to one another, divided by motorized 
fold-away room dividers.  The first room has a stage set into the wall, the 
third room (which is primarily used for ballet classes) has a mirror wall.  
We will use all three for our classes, and will remove the divider between 
the first and second for use during the ball.  Here are the dimensions.

Room 1:  37' wide x 31' long (1147 sq ft)
Stage (Room 1*): 26' wide x 15' deep (390 sq ft)
(* - The stage is in ADDITION to the square footage for Room 1)
Room 2:  37' wide x 26' deep (962 sq ft)
Room 3:  30' wide x 34' deep  (1020 sq ft)

Rooms 1&2 combined: 37' wide x 57' deep (2109 sq ft)
Total, all rooms: 3129 sq ft

I did not measure the two meeting rooms, as they were both in use.  As 
mentioned previously, we cannot plan on having either/both of the meeting 
rooms, but if they are not booked prior to our arrival that Saturday, we can 
have them.  If we get one, I plan to use it as a "schmooze" room, with 
tables, chairs, a coffee pot, some cookies, etc.  If we get both, the second 
can be used either as a changing room, or as a room for any lecture classes 
we decide to have.

I would like to ask our instructors to give thought to whether you might be 
willing to hold a lecture if the space is available, and provide Constanza 
the details.  Having a few lecture classes in our hip pocket might be a good 
thing.  I can NOT guarantee that we'll have the space, but I would like to 
have a contingency plan in place if the opportunity presents itself.

Enjoy the football games.  Go Bengals!
Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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