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Fri Nov 16 22:50:24 PST 2001

>Here's a run-down of ALL of the pies we've got our toes in right now, to the 
>best of my knowledge:

I'm not sure yet of the official status but Nottinghill Quill  is having a 
winter revel on Jan. 12 (or whatever the weekend is after 12th night). Their 
will be a dance class during the day and a ball in the evening.

and since your looking ahead you can count in Feast of 30 (May 17-19). I'm 
the autocrat so their will be dancing.

>Coronation: (April 5-7, TBA)  We're not *officially* involved in this yet, 
>since the site hasn't been picked, but you gotta think it's coming... :)

I have been told that Logan prefers his coronation to be at Kings Mountain, 
SC. Now that doesn't mean that it will be there or even that that is truly 
how he feels, it's just what I have been told.

Just adding my 2 cents worth,
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