academie: What busy little bees we are!

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Nov 16 17:38:59 PST 2001

Here's a run-down of ALL of the pies we've got our toes in right now, to the 
best of my knowledge:

Holiday Faire: (November 17th, Stierbach)  Dancing, run by one of us 
(Constanza and/or Rowen?  I forget which.)

Masqued Ball: (February 8th, Caer Mear)  Dancing (hey, look at the title, of 
COURSE there's gonna be dancing).  I think Aedan is likely to be in charge 
of things here.... anything we can do to help?  ;)

Kingdom Twelfth Night: (January 5th, Dun Carraig)  The Academie is once 
again running the evening's Ball.  I've been contacted by the Band 
Coordinator, the Autocrat(s), and Her Majesty already, but am holding off on 
bothering everyone with the details until we get our University classes 
lined up.

Winterversity:  (February 2nd, Berley Court)  Katherine has compiled our 
classes and is working on our schedule.  We will have 1 lecture class and 
either 5 or 6 practicum classes, depending on tie breaks.  The deadline for 
getting these to the University Chancellor is less than a week away, so this 
is our Job One right now.

Atlantian Dance Symposium: (February 9th, Dun Carraig)  The site and hotel 
contracts are in place, and the wheels are beginning to turn.  We have the 
potential to draw a big name or two from OOK to come teach -- I'm working 
that actively right now.  We've already scored a coup by having our classes 
count toward University credit.  Boy, this is gonna be fun!  :)

Kingdom A&S Festival: (March 2nd, TBA)  We're going to do a couple hours of 
demos, plus have LOTS of material and handouts for other groups.  Greg 
mentioned the possibility of us having dance material (books, CDs) to dole 
out to group MOAS's as required.

Coronation: (April 5-7, TBA)  We're not *officially* involved in this yet, 
since the site hasn't been picked, but you gotta think it's coming... :)

Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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