academie: ADS 3 Call for Instructors

Sharon sharon at
Tue Nov 13 17:02:12 PST 2001

	Greetings to those in support of the advancement of Dance in the
Kingdom of Atlantia! The third Atlantian Dance Symposium is coming up
on February 9th in Lusby, MD. Classes will be offered in dances of various
styles, including MIddle Eastern dance. Any gentle interested interested
in teaching European Dance need to contact me, Lady Constanza de
Tallavera, mka Sharon Buczko at sharon at  by Jan 1, 2002
and give me the following information:

	SCA Name
	Mundane Name
	Contact info (phone or email)
	Class Name
	Class Description - one small paragraph
	Any special needs - class fees, maximum attendance etc.

All classes are assumed to be one hour long. If your class requires more
than one hour please say so under 'special needs'.

	There will be a Middle Eastern Dance track as well. To volunteer
to teach Middle Eastern Dance classes please contact Lady Maria Beatriz la
Mora, mka Bambi Smith at walladah at and give her your class information.

	-Constanza de Tallavera

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