academie: feast lost for Bhakail Yule Revel

Judithsca at Judithsca at
Sun Nov 11 16:36:00 PST 2001

For those who may have been considering attending the Bhakail Yule Revel, 
here is the feast menu:  


p.s.If you do not want to eat feast, there are plenty of really close 
eateries to the site

The recipes come mainly from Max Rumpolt and from Sabine Welserin, both are 
late period.
We start with salads on the table, endive, beet, radish, all served with 
vinagrettes.  There will be either cucumbers or pickles as well.
The opening course will be pork cutlets in a black pepper sauce, armored 
turnips, rosemary chicken, peas porridge with chard, and roasted carrots.
The second will be roasted beef with mustard sauce and green sauce, barkey 
with mushrooms, roasted onions sallat, and cabbage with vinegar and butter 
(not sauerkraut, but a nifty dish).
Desserts will be rice pudding, compote of dried summer fruits, poached pears, 
roasted apple tart and confits (sugared almonds, candied ginger and orange 
I understand someone is bringing a subtlety, of a cake with salamanders .... 

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