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Catherine E. Dean cdean at
Thu Nov 8 19:09:05 PST 2001

Greetings Academieans (hmm... that looks like too many vowels).

So far I have heard from only two people regarding teaching classes at 
University.  Assuming Vard is still interested in teaching 
his discussion session and that I teach something, that still leaves us two 
courses short of a track.  Volunteer often and Early.

So far we have (in no particular order):

Pavans and Almans 
Stefan of Cambion

Introduction to Dance (not the real title)
Bryan (who needs to send me an official title/description, etc as well as his 
SCA last name, which I shamefacedly can't remember)

So You Want to have Dance at Your Event (???)
Vard (who likewise needs to confirm whether he is doing this or not)

Something Else (possibly ECD, possibly 16th c. Italian, I'm taking requests)

This leaves some holes in the schedule.  We could use classes in ECD, branles, 
15th c. Italian, or anything else you can dream up.

I'm not sure when the deadline to get classes to the registrar is (where would 
find this info--it didn't seem to be in the most recent Acorn), but the sooner 
we can get this settled, the better.


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