academie: Pavana La Cornetta, first draft

Buzzard, Kenneth E (Signal) BuzzardKE at
Thu Nov 1 07:25:05 PST 2001

Scriptsit Katherine:
> Well, if you decide to go with the R&L, I'm totally on your side.
> It would feel unnatural to me to do L&R.  I actually think that the
> reason why I'm comfortable with going R&L first is based on 15th c.
> Italian balli logic now that I think about it more, but it still makes
> sense.  I haven't listened to the music.  Are the "sets" to spritely
> music or more subdued? (ie. will they be bouncy or graceful).

The music is more along the "graceful" lines.  One could consider this
a "snooty walking dance".

> Another point in favor of having some sort of circling motion is that
> circling motions separated by setting motions have precedent (again,
> this is just my memory, but doesn't Bella Gioiosa have something like
> that--circle over L shoulder, 2 Riprese, 2 treb, something like that)
> whereas the only going away/coming back motion that I know of is from 
> Black Alman and isn't punctuated. 

Perhaps that's why it "feels" appropriate to set after circling here.  The
reason I have the couples move apart in the B section is because of the
manner in which the A section ends.  I want to avoid this dance becoming 
just another processional, but I also want to avoid making it too much like
Black Alman or Earl of Salisbury.  The away/set/back/turn *does* look very
Salisburyesque, which is another reason why I like the countercircle idea.

> I hope you don't think I"m being overly critical of the going away/coming
> together thing.  I'm certainly not--it would look quite nice.  I just
> really really like counter circles *sheepish grin*.

De nada.  It's a good idea.  That's why I put this to the list instead of
just trying to choreograph this in a vacuum. 

> Hrmm... now that's an interesting thought. A bit too contra-y (although
> not very at that) for my tastes--it might look very modern... trying to
> think of similar examples....

This is a stretch, but think of Rostiboli Gioioso done by multiple couples.
During the A section, when the M goes away then turns and ripresas with the
you frequently see the couples intertwined with other couples.  Of course,
need to ignore the fact that Rostiboli is supposed to be done by ONE couple.

> Oh Vard, you're such a curmudgeon.

And when I retire, I'll head to Florida, wear plaid shirts, white polyester
slacks (pulled up to my nipples), black socks and shoes, and will stand
around all day complaining about the Government.

-V (work work work)

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