academie: Pavana La Cornetta, first draft

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Wed Oct 31 14:51:02 PST 2001

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 04:29:30PM -0500, Catherine E. Dean wrote:

> Why were you using a set L&R there?  
> Holdover from ECD?  I may be wrong (perhaps Greg can confirm one way or 
> another) 
> but my gut instinct is that there is documentation for alternation of 
> continenze 
> L&R in alternation with Continenze R&L somewhere in the 16th C. repetoire.

There are some examples, but the overall rule is that you start most
sections of most dances on the left.

Likewise there's no good evidence about directions in setting in ECD
the 17th century. In the English Measures, there's one that has
symmetric setting (L&R followed by R&L the next time), but it's only
the last and latest manuscript, the others are ambiguous.

> I know that there's a dance (brando di cales, I believe) which has
> that sort of circle one way, circle back the other figure in it.

That's a good way to construct dances similar to other dances; if you
can't think of an example of a figure from the same era and
nationality, you're probably going astray.

Gregory Blount

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