academie: Pavana La Cornetta, first draft

Catherine E. Dean cdean at
Wed Oct 31 13:29:30 PST 2001

Well done Vard.  Ever thought of working this up into an LoD article, 
hmmmm...????  I'm toying with the idea of having one or more issues featuring 
recent SCA Choreography (more on that later, undoubtedly, just something to 
stick in the back of your head).

Anyhow... two comments:

1) I agree, the first Sets should, by the rule of alternation of feet, be R&L 
rather than L&R since in the previous PL, the dancers' weight ended up on 
L foot, it should then shift to the Right with a set R and then L.  You're 
set up for the PR in the next segment.  Why were you using a set L&R there?  
Holdover from ECD?  I may be wrong (perhaps Greg can confirm one way or 
but my gut instinct is that there is documentation for alternation of 
L&R in alternation with Continenze R&L somewhere in the 16th C. repetoire.

2)  Just an idea, maybe instead of the going away/coming back figure you could 
use a circle/counter circle.  Hmmm... what I mean by that is clear as mud.  
I mean is:

B1: Countercircle w/ PL circling over R shoulder, Set R&L, Rx
B2: Countercircle w/ PR circling over L shoulder, Set L&R, Rx

I know that there's a dance (brando di cales, I believe) which has that sort 
circle one way, circle back the other figure in it.


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