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Wed Oct 31 06:33:02 PST 2001

Scriptsit Chancelier Gregory:
> There is a "Pavane La Cornetta" from circa 1530.

Yup, that's the one.  I found a midi online last night, and the
music's the same.

> The first question,when considering a choreography, is "what
> is the repeat structure, and how long are the various phrases?"
> You have the repeat structure down, you still need to write down
> the length of each phrase.

Each phrase is the same length, and is just long enough for 2 complete
SCA Pavanne Sets (SSDSSD).  Each phrase repeats once, and there are three
unique phrases.  That's all part of the "already memorized" bit.

> Here's something that's supposedly a MIDI of it:
> anpavlac.mid

That's probably the same as what I've got.  At least the filename is

> You have a few choices of era:
> 1) Arbeau has an improvised Pavane, and also the Spanish Pavane,
> which is a pavane with divisions (ornamentation)
> 2) The so-called Inns of Court Manuscripts have some pavanes.
> 3) Caroso and Negri each have a couple of pavanes

Well, do we know anything about the likely "nationality" of the
music?  Would it make more sense to follow a Caroso-Negri model
since the piece has an Italian name, or Arbeau since it's French?
Dunno, but I could probably justify one of those better than by
using an IOC model.

I've already got a pretty good head start on this, or should I say,
a start on what *I* feel the dance should look like.  Admittedly, I'm
falling back on traditional SCA choreographed Pavannes, so the head
start might be in a pointless direction.  I'll try to see if the
origin of the music can be better determined, which will (hopefully)
help me figure out which author to study.

BTW, anyone get their TI yet?  There's an interesting piece by Sion.

-Vard (work work work work)
Kenneth E. Buzzard, Contractor (PSS Corp)
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