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On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 07:28:43PM -0500, Edvard Gayer wrote:

> From my hastily-scribbled notes, I've got the following info, which probably 
> has a typo or two embedded in it:
> "Pavana La Cornetta" (possibly Coronetta or Cornetia?)

There is a "Pavane La Cornetta" from circa 1530. The first question,
when considering a choreography, is "what is the repeat structure, and
how long are the various phrases?" You have the repeat structure down,
you still need to write down the length of each phrase.

Here's something that's supposedly a MIDI of it:

The the next question is, "What's a choreographed pavane look like?"
Hint: Don't use the Carolingian Pavane for a model, it's modern, and
not necessarily in the right style.

You have a few choices of era:

1) Arbeau has an improvised Pavane, and also the Spanish Pavane, which
is a pavane with divisions (ornamentation)

2) The so-called Inns of Court Manuscripts have some pavanes.

3) Caroso and Negri each have a couple of pavanes

Arbeau's improvised pavane is just sets of "single single double"
forwards, and backwards when you like. When you run out of room turn
around (called a conversion: man goes backwards while the woman goes
forwards). Divide the steps in half for more fun.

The Spanish Pavane is just a specific piece of music and the same
theme, with lots of divisions.

In the Inns of Court Manuscripts, pavanes seem to be pretty similar to
the other "measures" and "almans". The Quadran Pavan, for example,
consists of two "single single double" sets of steps, apparently in a
square, repeated 4 times. Not that exciting, but it's simple, and
since the documents are in English, no worries about translations.

In Caroso and Negri, the pavane seems to be the same as all the other
dances, with lots of complicated sections.

> I'd like to see if there's not already a choreography written for this.

None that I know of.

Gregory Blount
storehouse of pointless and useless knowledge

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