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Tue Oct 30 11:00:14 PST 2001


Here's the latest news regarding the Atlantian Dance Symposium III (ADS 3)
in February:

= Should have final confirmation from the site within the week, complete
with contract.  The site is a public Community Center, which will have at
least one other function happening during the day (a Senior's BINGO game),
but it's plenty big enough for us to share.  And if the Seniors want to come
dance with us, that's just fine!

= Once I have the contract, I will start doing all those other things that
need doing up front, like getting a cheap hotel squared-away, giving the
Kingdom Chronicler an event flyer, etc.  Oh, once I've got the event flyer,
I'd like to send it out via the Academie list to all of you, so that you can
forward it to your LOCAL Chroniclers for your newsletters.  I want to prove
some folks wrong and have a HUGE turnout!  :)

= Due to some undocumented site-related weirdness, we may not be allowed to
collect any money on site at Troll.  I'm digging to find out what that's all
about, but worst-case we can up Troll somewhere near the site and have folks
go there first.  That's purely a logistical issue and we'll handle that
locally within the Barony.  I wanted to let everyone know this up front,
because if we end up with an off-site Troll, I'm going to push HEAVILY for
people to pre-register, and may add a couple of bucks to the on-site
registration cost to encourage/force compliance.  Currently, the site fee is
targeted to be a measley FIVE BUCKS (cheap!), but I may make that the
pre-registration-only price and push on-site to $7 or $8.

= I don't yet know if we're going to get the three dance-sized rooms I've
requested or only two.  If all three, I'm hoping for three 5-hour dance
tracks.  If two, then two 6-hour tracks are probably doable.  Constanza is
our class coordinator...I'm hoping for something from ALL of our
instructors. :)  Our tentative schedule looks like this:

10 am - Staff on-site, decorations, setup
11 am - Site opens
12 noon - Classes Begin
5 pm - Classes End
== Dinner Break ==  (Lots of good places within 15 minutes, especially if
you like seafood!)
7 pm - Ball Begins
10:30 pm - Ball Ends
11:00 pm - Site Closes, cleanup begins
11:30 pm - Staff off-site

= Our staff is starting to form up.  Here's who's who:
Autocrat: Edvard Gayer (Ken Buzzard), Academie / Dun Carraig
Troll / Reservations: Amalia Kunne (Heather Kriebel), Dun Carraig
Crash Space Coordinator: TBD, Dun Carraig
Class Coordinator: Constanza de Tallavera (Sharon Buckzo), Academie
Decorations: TBD, Dun Carraig
Refreshments: Katerina von Breslau (Elisabeth Smith), Dun Carraig
Band Coordinator: Anne of Carthew (Barbara Bilodeau), Harp & Drum
Chirurgeon: Reinhardt von Gluckstadt (Chris Parks), Dun Carraig
Dance Master: Gregory Blount (Greg Lindahl), Academie
Instructors: YOU!!!  :)

= The site is in Lusby, MD.  If you're familiar with the Metro-DC area, it's
about halfway between Prince Frederick and Solomons Island in Calvert
County.  If you're not familiar with the area, it's on the western
(mainland) side of the Chesapeake, along the coast, about halfway between
Annapolis and the southernmost tip of MD (where the Potomac empties into the
Chesapeake).  From Annapolis or the DC Beltway, it's less than an hour.
>From the 301 Bridge at Dahlgren VA, it's a little more than an hour.

Any questions?

-Vard  (cleverly disguised today as a mild-mannered defense contractor)
Kenneth E. Buzzard, Contractor (PSS Corp)
PEO(W) Cruise Test Directorate
BuzzardKE at

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