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Mon Oct 29 16:04:03 PST 2001

I was just asked a very useful question about a bit of terminology that I used in my description of the type of dancing that will be performed, and I thought after I replied that maybe I should clarify to the who list as to what I meant by "International Dances":

By the Renaissance, certain styles of dance had
become Internation (i.e.practiced by people in more than one kingdom or country).  The Galliard, for example, was practiced by the English, the French, the Germans and the Italians.  The Canary was practiced by the French, the Spanish, and the Italians, and certain couple dances seem to have crossed borders (Rosti Boli Gioioso exists in both the Italian and French sources, as a choreographed dance, and las Bransle de la Torche is the French version of Ballo del Fiore, with music and steps that are nearly exact).
    So usually when you see Renaissance dance people refer to International dances, this is, in general, to what they are referring.


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