academie: dance event this weekend....

Judithsca at Judithsca at
Mon Oct 29 15:23:23 PST 2001

For those not going to Crown Tourney this weekend, there is an event very local to my area at which I am running the dancing...There will be dance instruction all afternoon, followed by a superb feast (Iron Bog always provides fabulous foods, lots of it, served by liveried servers), followed by evening dancing to the energetic live music of the Bhakaili Branslers.  The dancing will be an even mix of English, Italian, French, and International.
    Anyone who might be interested, the even website is:

    My apartment is right on the way to this event from anywhere in Atlantia, so if anyone is interested in meeting at my place and carpooling, feel free to contact me...I have a rather large battle wagon, as it were.  Also, I can offer couch and floor crash space to quite a few people.


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