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For those not subscribed to the Merry Rose, Lord Talbot posted the following 
note a day or two ago.  It's fundamentally the same note that he posted 
here, but sent to a wider audience.  I thought everyone ought to see it -- 
it's nice.

To his note, I would add my thanks to everyone in the Academie who made this 
possible.  To Judith for making time to attend the pre-demo practices and 
for sacrificing a tire for the greater good.  To Steffan for his support of 
the pre-demo practices and for being there both days last weekend.  To Simon 
for the work he did pulling everyone together and for graciously offering 
crash space during demo weekend.  To Katherine for being at almost ALL of 
the 6 practices *and* both of the demo days.  And most notably to Talbot for 
ensuring that the demo went as smoothly as it did.

Bright Hills got a lot of good PR out of this, which will benefit the 
greater SCA as well.  In addition, the Academie made a bunch of new friends 
this past weekend.  All in all, the investment in time and energy made by 
everyone was well worth it.  I'm quite proud of what was accomplished.  :)


-----Talbot's Note Follows-----

Greetings to Atlantian citizens from Talbot, Seneschal of Bright Hills,

This past weekend, our Barony hosted a demo, for which I was coordinator on 
our end, as part of the grand re-opening of the Walters Art Gallery in 
Baltimore.  It was a two-day affair, and it was a great success.  We got 
good publicity for our Barony and for the SCA in general, and there were 
many interested folk and potential new members.  The public and the Walters 
staff gave us glowing reviews.  Although many of the participants in this 
demo were from Bright Hills, a few were from other groups and even other 
states, and I would like to recognize some of the persons who made this demo 

Baron Heinrich and Baroness Barbara rounded up fighters for Saturday and got 
the pavilion and list fence there and set up;

The A&S people from our Barony did an outstanding job presenting their
activities to the public; we had many terrific displays;

The fighters who attended on Saturday put on a good show; special thanks to 
Lord Perrin of Storvik for being willing to come on Sunday;

The dancers from our group practiced for several weeks and performed
splendidly at the demo;

Lord Simon, our exchequer and dance teacher, helped instruct us at our

The Atlantian Dance Academie put in time and travel for many days to help 
teach our dancers, and put in time themselves at the demo instructing the 
public; my special thanks to Lady Katherine Mercer, Lord Stefan of Cambion, 
Lord Edvard Gayer, and Lady Judith of Northumbria;

The calligraphers, illuminators, and heralds: Mistress Jeanne, Lady 
Daniella, and Lady Alanna not only sat in the booths for hours (away from 
the rest of us), but endured having live loud bands play just a few yards in 
front of them for most of the day (also thanks to Mistress Jeanne for 
dealing with the pavilion on Sunday);

The Harp and Drum, that wonderful band from Ponte Alto, performed for us on 
Saturday, providing us with that extra delightful touch; special thanks to 
Mistress Anne of Carthew, Baron Corun MacAnndra, Lady Celia, and Lady Mary 

Lady Szilagy, our chronicler, re-made and printed newcomer sheets for 
hand-outs, and Baron Tristan made up new (and very popular) bookmarks;

And to everyone else who showed up, helped out, talked with the public, or 
what have you, my sincerest thanks and recognition go out to them as well.  
This demo was quite an effort to coordinate, particularly as a first time 
endeavor, and it certainly was stressful for me and others (to which those 
who saw me that weekend can attest) but all of them did an
marvelous job.  Vivats to all of you!

Now, time to start preparing for Baronial Birthday...

In service, Lord Talbot
Seneschal, Barony of Bright Hills

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