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Catherine E. Dean cdean at
Wed Oct 24 14:09:12 PDT 2001

Greetings Academians:

The time has come to begin gathering classes for the University session to be 
held on February 2nd in the lovely town of TBA, Virginia.  Obviously since we 
don't know where exactly the event will be held, some of this may have to 
after the location is finalized, but I think we should get going 

So.  Those of you interested in teaching, please start thinking about what you 
would like to teach.  I am particularly interested in things which will lead 
into classes which are going to be taught at the Dance Symposium the following 
week and *not* duplicate them.  I would also like to encourage people to avoid 
calling their classes "Intro to XXXX".  Instead, I would prefer classes which 
are thematically linked.  Two examples of this which I have taught in the past 
are "Heys are not for Horses" an intermediate ECD class consisting of dances 
with heys and "That class with all the Saltarelli" a class which included 
several SCA Saltarello choreographies and an Italian ballo which included a 
saltarello section--I was hoping to get people to think about what we know and 
what we don't and how dance forms change and evolve over time.  I'd really 
it if someone would do a thematic course incorporating dances from two or more 
distinct areas/eras.

If you are interested in teaching I will need to following information from 
1) SCA Name and Mundane Name
2) Class title
3) Class description (please include a brief statement about what experience 
expected of students--be specific if it matters)
4) e-mail address and/or phone number
5) Size restrictions (we wish!...)
6) special requirements (boombox, tv/vcr, etc.)
7) time preferences (if it matters a great deal to you)
8) whether your class is lecture or practicum
9) anything else you think I need to know.

In order to encourage new teachers, I will be giving preference to people who 
have not taught at University before.  This might be a great chance to get 
Isenfiri to teach since it is my understanding that we'll be somewhere in VA.  
Bryan--could you forward this to your list??

Could anyone who has spoken to me about this please send their class proposals 
in writing?

your humble-helium-hand volunteer.


Catherine E. Dean
cdean at      
Jane Austen Afficianado, Renaissance Dancer, and Future Museum Professional Extraordinaire
SCA: Lady Katherine Mercer
No one who had met Catherine would have supposed her to have been born a heroine --JA

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