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Tue Oct 23 10:26:16 PDT 2001

You are invited to the Crannog Mor dance practices in Boone, NC, on the Wednesday following the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m., aside from holidays. Practice is held in in room 329 of Edwin Duncan Hall on the Appalachian State University Campus.  We typically practice until 9 or so, then go out to eat.  Contact Lady Elize at elizedenizza at or (828) 265-5600 (work) with questions.  You do NOT need to know how to dance!  Knowing your left foot from your right is helpful, but not required.
Directions: Take your best route to Highway 421 through downtown Boone.  Turn downhill onto Depot Street (left if you are coming from the east, right if coming from the west) - Mast General Store is your landmark.  At the traffic light, turn left onto Rivers Street.  At the second light, turn left between two parking lots, and park in the lot on the right.  You will see a covered parking area - the entrance to the building, and the elevator, is under that area. The classroom is on the third floor on the right at the far end of the building.  In the winter, you may want to contact me before coming regarding weather/road conditions.

Any and all gentles are welcome!

Please forgive if you recieve this message more than once...

In Service,


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