academie: Thanks for the demo

Raymond F talbotgollum at
Mon Oct 22 09:17:04 PDT 2001

Our demo with the Walters Art Gallery has been
completed.  It was a long weekend, and at times a
tough one, but we got through it with flying colors
and great success.  The public thought very highly of
us and we got excellent attendance for the demo, and
even a little media exposure.  Everyone who helped
with the demo did an absolutely outstanding job.  I
extend my thanks in particular to a few persons:

To Baron Heinrich and Baroness Barbara, for rounding
up fighters on Saturday and for getting the pavilion
and list fence there and setting them up;

To all the A&S people who put up such wonderful
displays and who talked to the assembled masses

To the fighters who attended on Saturday and put on a
good show;

To the dancers in our Barony who attended practices
for several weeks and performed splendidly at the

To Lord Simon for his efforts in teaching dance;

To the Atlantian Dance Academie for their teaching
efforts and participation in the thanks
particularly go out to Lord Edvard, Lady Catherine,
and Lord Stefan;

To the calligraphers, illuminators, and heralds: 
Mistress Jeanne, Lady Daniella, and Lady Alanna, who
not only sat in the booths for hours, but endured
having live loud bands play just a few yards in front
of them for most of the day (also thanks to Mistress
Jeanne for dealing with the pavilion on Sunday);

To The Harp and Drum, that wonderful band from Ponte
Alto that performed for us on Saturday, providing us
with that extra delightful touch;

To Lady Szilagy for re-making and printing newcomer
sheets for hand-outs, and to Baron Tristan for making
up new (and very popular) bookmarks

And to everyone else who showed up, helped out, talked
with the public, or what have you, my sincerest thanks
go out to you as well.  This demo was quite an effort
to coordinate, particularly as a first time endeavor,
and it certainly was stressful for me and others, to
which those who saw me can attest (no aneurisms,
though, Your Excellency), but all of you did an
marvelous job.  I may never have been prouder to be
part of Bright Hills than this past weekend.

Now, pass the Coronas and clear the bed.

In service, Lord Talbot
Seneschal, Barony of Bright Hills

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