academie: IMPORTANT: Change in directions to demo

Raymond F talbotgollum at
Fri Oct 19 07:49:13 PDT 2001

Folks, I have just been informed that the Baltimore
Marathon is occurring on October 20th, the same
Saturday as the demo...that means that many of the
routes to Baltimore from the South are due to be
CLOSED.  Folks coming from the south will need to take
an altered route:

Take 95 north to 695 West/North (towards Towson); go
on 695 to the Route 40 Exit; take Route 40 east to
Charles St. or Calvert St.  From there, go north on
one of those to either Madison St. and turn left (if
on Calvert) or Read St. and turn right (if on
Charles); follow Madison or Read to St. Paul Street
(it should only be one block either way) and go south
on St. Paul to the park.

For those coming to the practice in Glyndon tonight,
Ekaterina will have maps available for everyone
showing the route and blocked streets.

Those coming from the north should probably take I-83
south to the Guilford St. exit, take Guilford to
Madison St., and turn right, going west a couple of
blocks on Madison to St. Paul Street, as instructed

Sorry for this last minute scrambling...we only just
heard about this ourselves.  If you have any
questions, give me a buzz:  301-504-7208 day,
301-572-7609 evening.


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