academie: It looms...a few last details

Raymond F talbotgollum at
Thu Oct 18 18:07:58 PDT 2001

Our demo with the Walters looms before us, this
Saturday and Sunday.  We have a good line-up for this,
and it promises to be productive and fun.  Some final

- I have seen the storage space and changing area. 
The storage space is pretty much the entire level
below the ground floor landing.  We will be sharing
the room with others, so we can just pick a corner and
put stuff there.  The changing room is actually a
little conference room.  It has tables and chairs
(will they be there this weekend?  I am not sure), but
they do not have a partition set up to separate men
from women.  There are a couple of bathrooms right by
that room...they can be used if you have concerns
about privacy.

- Parking vouchers will be available at the Hackerman
house...I will pick them up bright and early each

- Remember, the streets right around the Washington
Monument are due to be closed.  You should drop up
stuff and pick up your voucher on the St. Paul Street
side of the park and then go deposit your vehicle. 
The Calvert and Monument lot (Sun Papers lot) is
considerably closer than the one on Eager St. between
Cathedral and Charles, so you should probably aim for
that one first.

- For the shuttle vehicles, one shall be the
Temur/Ekaterina van...nice capacity.  The other one
can be either the pick-up or one of the SUVs...whoever
is up to doing shuttling will get the honors.

- Remember, space is at a premium in the area we is not like the big lawn at Christ Our King
Episcopal, where we had plenty of room to expand. 
That means we will have to share space and be
accomodating for others.  I want everyone to have a
good time, SCA and public alike, and I expect that we
will be able to pull that off if we are considerate
and respectful of each other.  That should be an
automatic by now.

I will see you all there.  If you have any last minute
questions or concerns, contact me by e-mail or by
phone at 301-572-7609.  My daytime number for Friday
is 301-504-7208 if there is an urgent need to reach me

Have fun,


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