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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Oct 18 09:47:20 PDT 2001

Scriptsit Gregory:
>Anyway, here's what you do. Write the Chancellor of the University,
>university at (Ysolt la Bretonne) and say that you and
>the Academie would like to organize another dance track.

Very close, but not square-on to the truth.  You do not need to contact the 
Chancellor at this point.  There is a deadline for submitting classes, and 
that deadline is published in the =Acorn= and should be somewhere on the 
University site (  No advance notice to the 
Chancellor is required, just get the list of classes to her by the deadline.

For each class, you need a class title, a brief description, and some 
indication as to the experience level required of the attendees.  For the 
instructors, you need to submit their SCA and Mundane names, an email 
address (if they have one), and a phone number (if they have one and don't 
mind it being given).  It also helps if you indicate which, if any, of the 
instructors have never taught at University before.

When I compile our classes, I go ahead and work with the instructors to 
figure out the best order for them.  Experience indicates that lecture 
classes should be early in the schedule, practicum classes should come 
later.  If you've got two or more classes on the same type of dance, putting 
them back-to-back, with the simpler of the two first, is a good idea, but 
not a requirement.  If we've already got our classes in the order we would 
like to have them appear on the schedule, we've lessened the Chancellor's 
burden, and we get what we want... win-win.

Also, since we typically give the Chancellor a full 6-track set of classes, 
we usually get all of them in the same room.  This is important, because 
unlike other types of classes, we need to clear space before ours.  By 
having our classes in one room, we minimize the number of times we need to 
move furniture.  Having the lectures before the practicums makes it even 

One thing to make sure to request... since dance takes up room, we usually 
require the largest classroom the site may have.  The bigger, the better.  
We've had classes in tiny little rooms, and once the chairs and desks were 
stacked up against the walls, we barely had room for two Amoroso sets 
simultaneously.  Make sure it is made clear that we need to biggest room we 
can get, and that we'll take responsibilty for setup and teardown, as well 
as for restoring the room to its original state as soon as we're finished.


>symposium event, we'll probably not get that much in the way of
>exciting classes, but who knows...

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