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Raymond F talbotgollum at
Mon Oct 15 18:02:06 PDT 2001

This is a near complete list of all relevant
information pertaining to the demo to be held for the
Walters Art Gallery on October 20th and 21st.

The demo is running on both Saturday, from 11 a.m. to
7 p.m., and Sunday, from 12 noon to 6 p.m.  The demo
includes a variety of activities, such as fighting,
dancing, textile arts, metalworking, illumination,
calligraphy, heraldry, and others.  The space is the
lower half of the park in front of the Peabody
Institute by the Washington Monument in downtown
Baltimore, right off of Charles St. between Center St.
and Madison St.; it is outdoors.  The
calligraphers/illuminators and heralds are due to be
in separate booths right by the Monument.

We are planning to set up the small (20x20) Baronial
pavilion and will possibly have a sunshade available. 
Other pavilions will be set up by Walters.  They will
also provide us with five tables and some chairs…you
might want to bring your own chair just in case. 
Because the space is rather tight, we will have to
share some of it for our activities.  Thus for
example, dancing and fighting will alternate each hour
on some of the same space. 

It is recommended that persons arrive at least a
couple of hours early for set-up.  This means 9 a.m.
on Saturday and 10 a.m. on Sunday.  You can pull up on
the St. Paul St. side of the park (the lower end) to
drop off stuff, and then park your vehicle nearby. 
Parking is being provided at the Sun Papers lot at
Calvert and Monument, and at Eager St. between
Cathedral and Charles Sts.  There will also be two
spaces available close by for shuttle vehicles. 
Parking vouchers will be provided by Walters to cover
the expense.  Carpooling is highly recommended.

There will be a storage space (for daytime and
overnight) and changing area available in the Walters
Hackerman House by the Monument, with a security guard

To get to the demo, you can follow I-95 north to
Baltimore.  From there, you can either take the 395
exit to Martin Luther King Hwy., which winds between
the two stadiums; follow this up to Druid Hill Avenue,
turn right, and follow this along as it changes to
Centre St.; at the intersection of Centre St. and
Charles St. the Monument will be on your left.  Go a
couple of blocks further to Calvert St., turn left, go
north to Madison St., turn left again, and go one
block to get to St. Paul, then turn left and go down a
block to the little park on the right.  Alternatively,
you can take the Key Highway exit, follow it to
Calvert St., and take that north to Madison St.; then
turn left, go one block to St. Paul, turn left, and go
down one block to the park on the right.  IMPORTANT: 
Charles St. and Calvert St. run one way north, St.
Paul St. runs one way south, Madison St. runs one way
west.  Almost every street in that area is one way

If you are coming from the north, take I-83 to the
Guilford St. exit downtown; take Guilford St. south to
Madison St., turn right, go up two blocks to St. Paul,
turn left, and go south one block to the park.

The streets around the Monument itself will be blocked
off, so one will not be able to pull up to the park on
the west side.

Directions to the parking lots will be given shortly,
and will also be given on site for those not familiar
with the area.

Maps of the demo area, including precise dimensions,
are available from me.

Sunday is expected to have a significantly reduced
number of attendees for the demo from Saturday, so we
should not be as crowded on that day.  Saturday will
be longer and more full, with less space.  There will
be food vendors right next to us…we will be allowed to
approach their space if we need more room.

I will send any items I may have forgotten in a
subsequent e-mail, or you can ask for more information
that I may have forgotten.  Thank you to all of you
who are assisting with this effort.  It promises to be
great publicity for the SCA.

In service, Talbot
Seneschal, Barony of Bright Hills

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