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Mon Oct 15 10:45:06 PDT 2001

Greetings all,

Like to dance?  Enjoy tasty desserts?  BOTH?  Great...

Just for you, we're having a special activity in Isenfir (Charlottesville,
VA) this Wednesday evening for anyone who likes to dance or eat sweet stuff
(or preferably, both).  I hope some of you all can make it down for another
of our semi-regular Dance and Dessert Revels and join us for a pleasant
evening of fun dancing and tasty treats.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  My contact
info is below.

Apologies for any duplication.


                      Isenfir's Dance and Dessert Revel
                         Wednesday, Oct 17th, 2001
                              6:00pm till ???

In lieu of our regular dance practice, on October 17th Isenfir will be
holding a special in-garb Dance and Dessert Revel at Camp Albemarle
(directions below). This is another in Isenfir's long-running series of
delightful dance-and-treat-filled evenings, held in the rustic country
beauty of Camp Albemarle, a few miles northwest of Charlottesville, VA. We
will be in the charming main hall of the camp, with a fire in the fireplace
if the weather is cool.

For those who have never been, our dance and dessert revels are a
combination semiformal ball and potluck dessert. Everyone who can is asked
to bring a little something to share, either a dessert (does not have to be
period), some other snack-type food, or drinks. Please note that this is not
an absolute requirement, but those who can are asked to bring at least a
little something for all to enjoy.

The dancing is a little more formal in style than our usual practice. The
evening is in garb (if you need garb, please contact me and we'll get you
set up), and more formal garb is encouraged. If you just can't make it in
garb, come anyway, but garb is highly preferable. Dancers will have the
opportunity to choose dances, or may defer their choice to the dancemaster
if they don't know what to ask for. Folks are also encouraged to bring all
the accoutrements appropriate to a ball if you have them. Gloves, hats,
swords, and the like.

The camp will be open at 6:00pm, and dancing will begin at 7:00pm. We will
dance for awhile, then take a formal break for folks to enjoy the desserts.
Dancing will then resume and will go as late as people want to stay. These
revels tend to run somewhat later than dance practices, though you may of
course leave whenever you need to. But come prepared to stay a little later
and enjoy a long evening of dance and fun.

Dances will still be called (and there will be some teaching, as necessary),
so everyone is encouraged to come on out!

Cost for the evening is $3 per person to cover rental of the camp.

If you have any questions, please contact Lord Bryan Morgan (David Oxford -
dmo at at (434) 979-3700 (daytime) or (434) 979-3792 (evenings).


Camp Albemarle is located in Albemarle County, about 8 miles northwest of
Charlottesville, VA.

>From East or West of Charlottesville:  Take I-64 to exit 124 onto Rt. 250
toward Charlottesville (turn right at the bottom of the off-ramp if you're
coming from the east, left if coming from the west).  Go about 5 miles and
watch for the exit for Barracks Rd (you'll cross over Rt. 29 just before
reaching Barracks Rd) .  Take the off ramp, and turn right at the bottom, at
the light.   You're on Barracks Rd, which will become Garth Rd.  Continue
for about 4.5 miles and follow directions from (*) under "From
Charlottesville" below.

>From South of Charlottesville: Come up Rt. 29 to the intersection with I-64,
get on I-64 East, and follow the directions above for "From East or West of

>From North of Charlottesville: Take Rt. 29 south into Charlottesville.
Eventually you will see an overpass where, if you get on you will stay on
Rt. 29 heading south, and if you continue straight you will be on Rt. 29
Business (Emmet St). Keep going straight onto Emmet St.  At the next
stoplight you will be at the intersection of Emmet St and Barracks Rd (there
will be an Exxon station on your left and a shopping center on your right).
Turn right at the light, and follow directions below for "From

>From Charlottesville: At the intersection of Emmet St (Route 29 Business)
and Barracks Rd, go out Barracks Rd (going northwest), which will become
Garth Rd, for approximately 5 miles. (*) On your left, you will start to
pass the Foxfield Racetrack. Before you are past it, you will come to the
Hunt Country Store on the right. Just beyond the store, turn right onto Free
Union Rd (Rt 601). You will go almost exactly 3 miles on Free Union Rd.
WATCH YOUR MILEAGE, as that will be your best indicator of when to turn.
You will cross one small bridge on the way (Meechum's River) at about 2.1
miles. Just before you reach the second bridge at Moorman's River, you will
turn left into Camp Albemarle. The turn is JUST before the bridge at
Moorman's River. If you cross two bridges, you've missed it. If you come
into Free Union, you've really missed it. Turn around and go back, cross the
bridge at Moorman's River, and turn right just after you come across it. The
turn is VERY HARD TO SEE, even in the daytime, as it's a dirt and gravel
road hidden in the woods. There is a very large sign saying Camp Albemarle
next to the gate, but you have to be looking just a little into the woods to
see it; there is no sign on Free Union Rd to mark it.  There is also a
driveway on the left just a few yards before the entrance; be careful not to
turn there.  The turn is into the woods, through a swinging metal bar gate.
There should hopefully be SCA signs up to indicate where to turn, but pay
attention to your mileage and the bridges.  In the dark, even signs will be
hard to see out there.. After you turn, just drive back until you come to
the camp. It's all very central, and there's basically only one place to

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