academie: Some finalish info on the Walters Demo

Catherine E. Dean cdean at
Sun Oct 14 11:41:49 PDT 2001

Hi Folks.

Obviously this won't be the last e-mail on this topic (since I don't have the 
information on where to go or even when... Talbot?), but here is some finalish 
information regarding the Walters demo next weekend.

Would anyone planning on coming to the demo PLEASE e-mail me privately at 
cdean at, or post to the list, letting me know that you're coming and 
whether you will be there friday evening, saturday, sunday, or some 
of the three.  Talbot has requested at least four Academie members and so far 
only know of three that I'm reasonably certain of (me, vard?, stephan?)

First, the dances.  Vard, can you please forward this to the band?  I don't 
think I saved the e-mail with their addresses.

We decided to come up with three sets of dances each of which will hopefully 
about 30 minutes with a bit of talking.  Each set has four dances--one 15th c. 
Italian, one Playford, and one other (alman or branle), and one teaching 
The plan is to alternate between the sets throughout the day, and if 
are necessary because of time or boredom will be made as necessary.  The three 
sets are:

Set A:
Jenny Pluck Pears
Black Alman
Sellengers Round (teaching)

Set B:
Petit Vriens
Picking of Sticks
Offical Bransle 
Gathering Peascods (teaching)

Set C:
Horse's Bransle
Rufty Tufty
Hearts Ease (teaching) [or perhaps we should reverse RT and HE?]

Band folks, if there are any problems on this list, please please let me know.
We can substitute but we need to know before Saturday if possible.

Additional dances which could be added in by the dancers if the musicians know 
Black Nag
Earl of Salisbury Pavanne
Charlotte/Washerwoman's/Pease Bransles
Montarde Bransle

Second, garb:

At this point it's not possible to really coordinate garb even if we wanted 
After talking to Talbot (and correct me here, Talbot, if I'm wrong), the most 
reasonable thing to do seems to be to ask all dancers to wear something nice 
as authentic as possible, but not to worry about having the same time period 
everyone else.

Third, crash space:

Lord Simon has graciously offered me crash space at his apartment.  I 
that he may be able to house a few other people as well if neccessary.  He is 
the list, so if you send requests here, they s

Catherine E. Dean
cdean at      
Jane Austen Afficianado, Renaissance Dancer, and Future Museum Professional Extraordinaire
SCA: Lady Katherine Mercer
No one who had met Catherine would have supposed her to have been born a heroine --JA

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