academie: Walters Demo: Vard needs help

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Thu Oct 11 12:33:49 PDT 2001


I am sorry for your current situation and my hopes ar with you.

My suggestion is that Mistress Anne, pearl at   and 
Duchess Simone, laurel-principal at send to their 
particular orders looking for volunteers. I'm thinking that, maybe, 
James of Rutland could harp some of the music. Folks like that. If they
petition their orders for folks, you may be able to get folks out of the
woodwork for a professional demo..

Unfortunately, I'm committed that weekend with the equestrian event.

If you can find noone by next thursday, call me. I'll trek up sunday morning
for the event. I think this is a really important Demo for us in the Kingdom
and the amount of goodwill and publicity could be unmeasurable.

Could one of you (Vard, Talbot, Anne?) forward to Simone the scoop? I'll be at 
Crusades with my toys this weekend if we would like/need an additional
practice (it's in the correct end of the Kingdom, anyway...) 

James of Middle Aston
james at

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