academie: Sunday, live band, etc.

Raymond F talbotgollum at
Thu Oct 11 09:35:29 PDT 2001

Hello dancers.  Well, the demo is set to occur in just
over a week; we have had several good practices, and
our next one is scheduled for this Friday, same time,
same place (Glyndon).  We could also have a practice
for three hours starting at 1 p.m. this Sunday; this
is the weekend of Baronial meeting, and we have
Glyndon from 1-6 p.m., with the meeting starting at 4.
 Would people like to have an extra practice this
Sunday?  There will be no worries about sharing space
with fighters on Sunday.  Please let me know.

I have not been able to find a site down my way for
the live band practice on the 19th.  My thanks to
Catriona for trying as well.  I believe we will have
to go with the Ellicott City site that Simon has,
unless anyone (including Academie members) has access
to one further south...if someone does, PLEASE get
back to me soon.  The band may not be able to make it
up that far north two days in a row.

These logistical difficulties aside, we are
progressing well.  I hope to see everyone there this


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