academie: Dancing at Pointless

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Thu Oct 4 10:52:03 PDT 2001


Have you been to crusades? There's cabins (LOTS of them.. on the order of 250+
beds.) There is an A&S display, and, Mistress Ceridwen is putting together
tracks of Classes. There may be dance classes, and a ball (if the Academie
pulls it off) I know of other classes. Heraldic Consult table, Archery shoots,
lots of other stuff BESIDES rattan fighting (and rapier fighting..) 

Last year there was, also, a Bardic War point. 10 champions from each 
side competed head to head. I was a champion (and missed my steak dinner to
do it as well) There was quite a bit of support for the Bardic from the 
fighting folks.. (There were folks crowding in to sit on the floor in the
room and, also, folks standing outside because they arrived a little late..

*Who's trying to encourage things this year so folks will be interested 
in advance next year when Atlantia is host...*

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