academie: Band Practices, and, also, Questions about Crusades....

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Oct 4 08:30:53 PDT 2001

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 07:33:30AM -0400, James C. Wagner Jr. wrote:

> There is, as I have
> been told, a pavilion down near the Archery range that has just been re-modeled
> with a DANCE floor.

Oh, so that's what the campground meant when they listed a sprung wood
dance floor among their assets. I thought they were referring to the
floor in the gymnasium, which is not so great.

I would advise not doing more than 2 hours of classes, as people don't
show up to them in droves, so scheduling a billion of them probably
isn't a great idea. I would also advise scheduling an evening
dance. Anyone want to take responsibility for this one? I'll show up
with a boombox and instruments... and could teach 1 hour of class and
run a ball. But I'm orgizationally lazy today.

Gregory Blount

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