academie: Band Practices, and, also, Questions about Crusades....

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Thu Oct 4 04:33:30 PDT 2001

I know that some students can reserve rooms on campuses for no cost. Might
want to send a student searching for the reservationist to see. Also, 
if someone is in ANY club at a University, they might be able to get that
club (maybe even a department) to sponsor your practice so you can get a 
free room. You're a non-Profit Corporation Practicing for the 
Opening of a Museum. That courld go a long way.. 

I'd, also, have folks look at the Fellowship Hall of their local Church.
You're not looking for a commitment. You're looking for a one-time shot.

As to the other question, I have been contacted, as a member of the Dance
Academie, by Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain to see if the Academie was
interested in sponsoring a track of classes at Crusades. There is, as I have
been told, a pavilion down near the Archery range that has just been re-modeled
with a DANCE floor. (It was done for Square dancing and clogging folks that
use the camp of a frequent basis.) It has lights and electrical outlets.

Also, I inquired to Misterss Ceridwen, who is the coordinator of classes for 
this Crusades, whether there was any scheduled Dancing. She indicated that 
she has not heard of any. 

Looks like a GREAT opportunity for Inter-Kingdom good will to me!


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