academie: Maypole ?

Miriam Robinson Gould madame_sosostris at
Tue Oct 2 14:57:24 PDT 2001

>My local group is helping out/demoing at a local church's arts & crafts 
>fair. They want to have a maypole and I was asked if I know anything about 
>them, I don't. Does anyone know anything about them or a place I can look 
>to get info? I figure that if they are going to have one they might as well 
>do it properly, whatever that may be.

I don't know where you can get info, but I can tell you what we did at our 
May Day event in my old Barony.  We had the ribbons in two alternating 
colors (to make it visually easier... at the Charles River May Day, the 
maypole had many many different colors on it).  The dancers alternated 
facing out and facing in, holding on to the ribbons.  Then, the dancers wove 
in and out of each other (like a hay--first passing with one shoulder, then 
the other) which caused the ribbons to wrap in a pretty braid around the 
pole.  We used bransle music--I think single or double bransle but I don't 
know for certain.  One year, we actually did Pease Bransle to wrap the pole 
which was pretty, interesting, and for some reason actually worked better 
than the simple dance.

We also had a Green Man tied to the pole as we wrapped it, but I'm guessing 
the church won't be interested in that part.  :)

In service,

Sayidda Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya

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