academie: Practice Tonight

marion wright marionred at
Fri Sep 28 07:46:30 PDT 2001

the friday night of university when is everyone thinking of hitting site? 
the last time they used that site of a week ago, thre was friday night 
dancing because people started dancing at troll... I'm sure if anyone wnats 
to dance there will be space. I am planing .. if I can still get a bed  to 
come up on friday, to see everyone and do troch lite  tourneys.. btu hey 
with dancing too who knows

>From what I saw last week, I have no doubt that BH will be ready for the
>demo.  There's a month still, and even with the schedule conflict NEXT week
>(lots of folks driving south to University on Friday), we'll still have two
>practices with which to refine the set list and hone everyone's skill.  ;)

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