academie: Practice Tonight

Catherine E. Dean cdean at
Fri Sep 28 06:47:41 PDT 2001

Alas, it looks like my schedule is shaping up in such a way that I won't be 
to make it up to practice tonight as I had hoped (my lord wants to visit his 
sister while he's here, where are his priorities. ;)  ).  My deep and sincere 
appologies to everyone and I will see the Bright Hills folks soon!

Simon, you had asked earlier about online sources, let me recommend this one:

It's a link to download the Acrobat version of the Terpsichore VII dance book 
put out by my old barony for their annual dance event.  It's just a long cheat 
sheet (ie. no detailed instructions), but it may be of use to you this week 


Catherine E. Dean
cdean at
No one who had met Catherine would have supposed her to have been born a heroine --JA

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