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Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Sep 21 13:54:22 PDT 2001

>> Umm....Foolishly, I assumed that the Bright Hills website 
>> would provide directions to the location of this practice, 
>> but I was very wrong...According to their webpage, all 
>> practices have been suspended, and there are no directions 
>> to anywhere....Could someone please send me directions from 
>> northern maryland?

>From Talbot on Sept 10th...

A reminder that we will be starting this Friday at
Glyndon Elementary.  The start time will depend on
when everyone gets there.  Since we have a lot to do,
the earlier the better; remember that practices start
at 7:30 pm and end at 10:00 pm.

Directions to Glyndon are below for those who do not
know how to get there:

>From the Baltimore Beltway take I-795 (nw corner of
Beltway) past Owings Mills all the way to the end of
the Interstate.  DO NOT go to Westminster.  Highway
ends in a traffic light.  Turn right and proceed to
next light (Rt. 140).  Turn right and go through two
more lights, past the fire station and Franklin Middle
School.  Turn left at Glyndon Ave., a few blocks past
the Middle School.  Follow this past several stop
signs to the end...Glyndon Elementary will be on the
right.  Parking is in the back parking lot; go to the
other side of the building, where there will be a door
slightly ajar, where our meeting room is.  The gym is
connected to this room.

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