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Wed Sep 19 10:38:45 PDT 2001

hiya!  List is looking good...Might I suggest another dance for "fancy dance"?  It is called Mercantia, for three men and a woman.  "Mercantia" means "female merchant [of love]."  Basically, every man gets a chacne to try and court and dance with the woman, and she in turn dances with everyone else nearly simultaneously....Pretty racey by 15th c. standards! :)
    Also, for the bransles, might I suggest doing bransle suites instead of individual bransles (for performance, not for teaching to the public)?  For example, do the Cassandra Bransle Suite (which includes Cassandra, Pinagay and Charlotte, in that order), then do a mimed Bransle suite (with Washerwoman's, Pease Bransle, and Horse's Bransle, for example)....Official Bransle can still be done as an individual bransle.
    I do like the idea of having time to teach to the public..Much more chance of recruiting if we suck people into a feet-on experience....(evil brain plotting, as usual)...


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