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Catherine E. Dean cdean at
Wed Sep 19 08:55:10 PDT 2001

To the best of my knowledge I could do 2, 5, and/or 6, and might be there for 
but shouldn't commit to that just yet (visitor from out of town).  If there 
others who want to do particular dates, though, I don't mind _not_ committing 
myself to all of those dates, but if I"m needed, I'm there!

By the way, having more people there to teach doesn't seem to be to be a bad 
idea, so if there are three or four of us there's no reason that we all, 
including of course Lord Simon, couldn't just each teach one dance.  That's 
or less what happened last time.

I'm not sure if talbot and/or simon are reading this or not, but I believe I 
said it at the practice and I'll say it again.  I think we might want to cut 
that list in about half so that most people can have a reasonable chance of 
knowing most of the dances without run through.  Just my opinion of course.  
It'll be smoother if we don't have to walk or talk through the dances, and I 
have a feeling people will be happier the more comfortable they are with the 

Another thing, perhaps those of us who have taken responsibility for teaching 
dances at these practices should share with others the particular versions 
we taught.  For example, I taught Black Alman (standard version, at least I've 
never seen anyone do it any other way) and Official Bransle (which we did with 
plain doubles and singles (rather than grapevines) and no tossing, rather 
passing the lady around the circle--a strange hybrid, I know, but that's what 
happened!).  I also remember recommending doing the weaving part of Gelosia 
pive rather than contrapassi for what that's worth.


>===== Original Message From Edvard Gayer <scavard at> =====
>My thanks to Stefan and Katherine for covering the first Bright Hills dance
>practice last Friday.  What we need to do next is to line-up Academie folks
>for the other 5 practices.
>The practices look like this:
>#1: 9/14  Stefan & Katherine
>#2: 9/21  --?--
>#3: 9/28  Vard
>#4: 10/5  --?--
>#5: 10/12 --?-

Catherine E. Dean
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No one who had met Catherine would have supposed her to have been born a heroine --JA

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