academie: Walters Practice Schedule

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Sep 19 08:30:11 PDT 2001

My thanks to Stefan and Katherine for covering the first Bright Hills dance 
practice last Friday.  What we need to do next is to line-up Academie folks 
for the other 5 practices.

The practices look like this:
#1: 9/14  Stefan & Katherine
#2: 9/21  --?--
#3: 9/28  Vard
#4: 10/5  --?--
#5: 10/12 --?--
#6: 10/19 Vard

I will be there for #3 and #6.  I cannot support #2 (Dun Carraig demo the 
next morning), #4 (traveling to University) or #5 (family in town), so we 
need folks to volunteer.

Ideally, we would have two instructors per practice, plus as many other 
Academie members as possible to help fill-out the ranks.  When the demo 
actually gets here, we're expecting to have about a dozen dancers, and it 
would be *very* nice to have at least one practice with that many dancers so 
that those less familiar can better acquaint themselves to dancing in a 
larger group.  So, I would like to ask for a LOT of folks to think about 
coming to the 10/19 practice (#6).  We've been offered crash space, and 
since the practice (Reisterstown) is relatively near the demo (Baltimore), 
all we're asking folks to do is come up the night before.

Anyhoo, we need volunteers.  At least one for each of the uncovered 
practices (including this Friday's practice).  Hands, anyone?


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