academie: Backup Musicians for Walters Demo?

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Sep 17 13:50:49 PDT 2001


We've got the Harp & Drum Corps lined up for the Walters Demo, but Anne was 
pointing out that they might not be able to support *both* days.  The 
logistics of working with a large group, coordinating schedules, schlepping 
people and instruments, and assorted other what-not, combine to make it much 
easier to plan on them for one day than for two.

She's going to check with the band to see for sure, and they *might* be able 
to play both days, but in case not, I thought I'd look into getting a 
contingency plan set up so that we don't have to resort to a boom box on the 
"other" day.

I know there are a few musicians in the Academie.  Would you check your 
schedules to see whether either or both of the days might be doable?  The 
dates are 20-21 October in Baltimore.  Crash space is available.  Please 
touch base with me.


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