academie: walters practices

Stephen Kiefert lanhamlaw at
Sat Sep 15 21:45:38 PDT 2001

Katherine and I went there friday 9/14
there were 6 other dancers, including Talbot and Simon, although
there are to be more later.
we talked for a while, a tentative list of dances was written up
(basically about 5 italian, ecd, bransles, pavan/alman, and
teaching), and we did anello, gelosia, picking of sticks,
official's bransle, black alman.
schedule is still tentative, so we may have more than 15 minutes
of the hour, but space only allows one activity at a time.

for 12th night, Simon says bright hills is not doing the dance
part of the program, so we can do it. 

Simon would like to be on the academie list. 


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