academie: cry HAVOC!

Tue Sep 11 19:49:22 PDT 2001

and spring forward with my foil.  I'm sorry, flights of strange fantasy are
streaming thru my mind tonight.  The foil is really too long for use on an
airplane.  My rattan shortsword or the dagger would be much better.
Just this totally irrational fantasy of being on one of those planes,
battling those terrorists.  As it was, it sounds like there were some
battles on the planes, at least the Pennsylvania one.  By the way, where is
the Pennsic site in relation to that plane that went down?  Strange thoughts
and images - thousands of people in funny clothes racing down to NYC to help
out.  Armored fighters going through the rubble.  Perhaps I should go to
bed...maybe I'll wake up and it will all be a dream.

Michael Lyons
John of Ravenswood

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