academie: Walters Update

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Sep 10 13:27:13 PDT 2001

At Coronation, I had a meeting with Lord Talbot to discuss the October 20-21 
Walters demo.  We discussed some of the specifics of the demo itself, but of 
more urgency was our discussion of the dance practices Bright Hills needs.

Here's the skinny... They have approx 4-6 of their own folks who want to 
dance, but they generally lack the resources and expertise necessary to get 
good enough quickly enough, and would benefit from an injection of 
confidence before dancing for the general public.  They really need 
experienced instructor(s) to come teach them the dances.  They are planning 
practices, beginning this Friday, running for 6 weeks.  The practices will 
be in Reisterstown (?) MD, northwest of Baltimore.  If memory serves, the 
practices would run from 7:30 to 10.

We need folks to volunteer to zip up to Bright Hills to help with their 
practices.  I can't go up every week, but I can probably make 1 or 2.  If 
3-4 of us could do this, we could split the practices up, minimizing the 
impact on any one of us.  Friday night crash space can easily be arranged.

I loaned Talbot my tape collection, so he has plenty of music to start with. 
  They are wide open when it comes to picking the dances they will perform.  
There is apparently no specific century that we need to focus on, so we can 
open the repertoire to include ECD and Bransles in addition to the Italians 
we were planning.  The dances should be something appropriate for the 
experience level of the dancers (intermediate at best), which would also 
"look good" for an audience.  For the advanced or more difficult dances, the 
Academie could do those ourselves.  Talbot suggested some dances, and is 
soliciting us for inputs... I'll forward that list later.

For the demo itself, we will be dancing in 15 minute shifts, approx once per 
hour.  15 on, 45 off.  I will get the start/end times later, but plan on 
Noon to 6, plus or minus an hour.  Live music is strongly preferred, I have 
the action to corner that one.

To conclude, for right now I need a show of hands:  Who can make a Friday 


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