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Ms. Catherine E. Dean deanc at
Sun Sep 9 08:41:03 PDT 2001

>The Organizer of Free Stuff
>  Currently I'm donating a free set of 9 cheap CDs to every
>  dance practice in Atlantia. I'd like to extend this to
>  include a copy of Joy and Jealousy, a secondary source about
>  15th century Italian balli, and a copy of my cheat sheets.
>  This person (who gets to rename their office) would be in
>  charge of making sure that the right people get the right
>  stuff, now and in the future.

I had a thought regarding this.  Perhaps this is presumptuous of me as a new 
member, but might it not make some sense to make this person into something 
a chatelaine--someone who could act as a liaison between people interested in 
starting new dance practices in their area and the rest of the list, hooking 
them up with nearby folk and make sure that starting dance practices have 
to the necessary materials (both the free cds and books as well as perhaps a 
of links to useful webmaterial (ie. mara's article for dance 
etc.) and helf finding other resources).

Just an idea.  Thoughts?

Cathy Dean                           
SCA: Lady Katherine Mercer, Seneschal of the College of NoMountain                  
deanc at          
No one who had met Catherine would have supposed her to have been born a heroine --JA

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