academie: Suggested new positions

Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Sep 7 09:39:11 PDT 2001

>> Webmaster
>>   Right now Bryan is already doing this, he just doesn't get
>>   any respect.

Yeah, well, there it is. :)

>> I am going to get a domain for us so that the Academie website
>> is easier to remember

You beat me to the punch. :)  I was going to suggest that when I roll out the
new Academie website, which I'm currently working on. is
available. ;)

>>   we should keep an up to date list of dance practices, and
>>   events at which there will be dancing. With the Regional
>>   Secretaries providing inputs, that shouldn't be hard.

The trick is getting the information to keep it up to date.  I've gotten
feedback from several folks as to dance practice schedules, and that's all going
on the new site.  I'm also going to put in a complete roster of members to
replace the "Contacts" section.  I'm also going to implement a "Put your event
on the Academie Calendar" form on the site so that those folks running
dance-friendly events can fill in the relevant information right on the site and
submit it to go on the calendar.  Maintaining a calendar is something I can't do
alone, so once it's all up everyone will need to do their part to make sure
their stuff is listed.

As for practices, I encourage those folks who run consistent practices to
actually set up a web page for them, with lots of information, either on the
Academie site or on your local group's site that I can link to.  If you can't do
web design, send me all the information you want to list, and I can do it for
you.  You can get some idea of what I'm talking about at

The new site should be ready soon, with a look updated to reflect our new
heraldry and colors, etc.  Any more suggestions will be gladly accepted.

(Greg, the site I'm working on now is also Apache under Linux, so once you've
got the domain set up, moving stuff over should be seamless ... hopefully :)
Let me know the specifics of getting access to your server to work on it there,
once it's set up)

Academie Web Minister

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