academie: Suggested new positions

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Sep 6 22:00:49 PDT 2001

[ get your minds out of the gutter! ]

I mentioned a while back that I was threatening to create some new
positions in the Academie, in addition to the Chancelier and
Secretary. Here's what I was thinking:

Chancelier: currently me

  A figurehead, whose main purpose in life is to apologize when
  anyone makes anyone mad.

Secretary: currently Vardicus

  Keeps the membership list, does whatever needs to be done.
  Currently also organizes University classes.

The new positions I'd like to create:

The Organizer of Free Stuff

  Currently I'm donating a free set of 9 cheap CDs to every
  dance practice in Atlantia. I'd like to extend this to
  include a copy of Joy and Jealousy, a secondary source about
  15th century Italian balli, and a copy of my cheat sheets.
  This person (who gets to rename their office) would be in
  charge of making sure that the right people get the right
  stuff, now and in the future.

3 Regional Secretaries

  Allegedly we have 3 regions in our Kingdom, North, Central,
  and South. I'm not sure what they constitute, but it ought
  to be in Kingdom Law somewhere. Anyway, the Regional Secretaries
  would be in charge of ferreting out details about new
  members and dance practices in their regions, sending these
  to the Webmaster, and playing matchmaker between autocrats
  of events in their region who want dancing, and dancemasters
  and musicians. Also will encourage local practices to invite
  guest dancemasters.

The Project Manager

  Another person whose first order of business is to rename their
  office. The project manager is in charge of projects, whatever
  they may be. In particular, I'd like to start a few projects:

  o  expand the cheat sheets
  o  develop some good beginner webpages for dancers, dancemasters,
     and musicians
  o  encourage people to write articles for the Letter of Dance
  o  whatever else we can think of


  Right now Bryan is already doing this, he just doesn't get
  any respect. I am going to get a domain for us so that the
  Academie website is easier to remember, and intend that
  we should keep an up to date list of dance practices, and
  events at which there will be dancing. With the Regional
  Secretaries providing inputs, that shouldn't be hard.


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