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As time marches along, I learn more and more about the event.  Here's the 
latest "evolution".

- The request for the Academie originated within Bright Hills, who had been 
approached by the Walters about them doing a demo.

- The demo Bright Hills is planning is *not* just dancing, but the whole 
gamut of SCA activities, including fighting, A&S, calligraphy, etc.

- They have about a half-dozen folks who want to dance, and are looking for 
us to help them make that happen.  (Of course, if their half dozen were 
complimented by our half or whole dozen, mores the better!)

Below is an email I recieved from the Bright Hills Seneschal, Lord Talbot.  
It details the overall demo, the role that dancing plays within the demo, 
and what he envisions the Academie's participation to be.  He has given me 
his permission to forward this along.

In subsequent mail, he has indicated that the Bright Hills gentle who 
normally handles their dancing, Lord Simon, has not yet confirmed his 
availability.  Talbot isn't worried too much about the Academie stepping on 
people's toes, but I would like to ensure that if there's a Bright Hills 
person ostensibly "in charge" of dance that we coordinate with him/her.  For 
the time being, I'm willing to be the Academie's contact with Bright Hills, 
and with whomever their dance coordinator turns out to be.  (Heck, for all I 
know, I might end up wearing that hat too!)

Don't worry too much about the style of dance.  Some of the info below makes 
mention of ECD or other post-15th century dance.  I have posed the questions 
to Talbot, and he's going to let us know what period the Walters would like 
us to focus on, if any.  We may be doing strictly 15th cy stuff, or stuff as 
late as 17th cy, depending on what we hear back.  When I know, you'll know.

Here's Talbot's email.  Enjoy!


----Original Message Follows----
Subject: Re: Dance Academie @ The Walters
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 19:22:39 -0700 (PDT)

Vard, thank you for including me in this discussion. I was not aware that 
Lady Melisant had been communicating with you about this.

The Walters Art Gallery is having their re-opening this coming October on 
the 20th and 21st.  They have asked us (Bright Hills), as part of the 
festivities, to put on a demo for them.  This is NOT just a dance demo, 
although I want dancing to be part of this; it will also include fighting, 
A&S, illumination/calligraphy, heraldry, and such.  The festival will be 
outdoors, in the streets and parks of Mt. Vernon in Baltimore.  Our area for 
the demo is due to be about a half-block area (although that may be 
flexible, and we could get more space), part street and part grass.  I am 
due to see the site in person this Friday and meet with the contact person.

I have been talking with folks here about putting on a dance display.  We 
currently have five people (including myself) willing to do this, and we may 
have a sixth.  I am hoping for at least eight, so that we can broaden our 
scope of dances.  My plan is for us to practice a set of dances at Friday 
fighter practices over the next few weeks.  The line-up will include English 
country, 15th century Italian, bransles, and perhaps a few others for 
variety.  I have not yet decided precisely what we will be doing, but I am 
taking suggestions.  (Got any?) I am hoping to get live musicians to perform 
as part of this...we have a possibility in that regards from Towson 
University, but nothing definite at this point.

Regarding teachers:  we have a fellow, Lord Simon, who may be able to teach, 
but his availability at this point is questionable.  Others may be able to 
help, but it is not clear yet.  I was going to ask you or other members of 
the Dance Academy to help out if Lord Simon was not available and/or we do 
not have enough dancers; apparently Melisant beat me to the punch.

If you or other Dance Academy members would like to participate, I think 
that would meet with general approval.  I will have to check with the others 

I want to get started with practices by the 14th of September, which would 
give us six Fridays.  I will keep you informed about what the others think, 
and send you word when I have more information.

In service, Talbot
Seneschal, Barony of Bright Hills

--- Edvard Gayer <scavard at> wrote:
 > Melisant:
 > I have put information out to the Dance Academie related to your
 > request for the October 20-21 thingy at the Walters Art Museum. I've
 > not heard back from many folks yet -- three-day weekends do that --
 > but the initial response has been quite promising.
 > If there's a way to get some more information about what
 > *specifically* we would be doing, it would be easier for me to get
 > the Academie to commit one way or the other.
 > I've been to the Walters' website, and have read-up on their 2-day
 > street fair =slash= arts festival... I'm supposing that we would be
 > performing at that rather than performing *IN* the Museum.  (Sounds
 > like an obvious supposition, but better to ask now than to be wrong.)
 > Would we be performing as part of a larger Bright Hills/SCA
 > presence, or are we *it*?  Indoor or outdoor?  What is the minimum
 > level of authenticity we need to achieve (important for garb, dance
 > selection, and musical considerations).  How much room will we
 > have?  On a stage or surrounded by onlookers?  Us demonstrating
 > stuff or us teaching mundanes how to do it?  Do we want to arrange
 > for live musical accompanyment?  Etc etc etc.  A thousand and one
 > questions... any insight you can provide as to whats going to be
 > happening would help us corral some of this.  :)
 > I'm CCing this to Talbot.  Thanks for thinking of us -- I'm pretty
 > sure we can do this, but the more we know up front, the easier it
 > will be to do this right.
 > -Vard
 > Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
 > L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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