academie: ALERT! Academie Requested for Walters Art Museum Re-opening

Lightning rlightning at
Wed Sep 5 19:32:21 PDT 2001

> Will there be mandatory practices before the event?  I think it's very

My personal opinion is that a practice or two would be a good idea and
should be arranged at a location convenient to the majority of the folks who
will participate--and preferrably not during the week so that those of us
who must travel and work won't miss work.

> for both practices and events (*laugh* but I'm also not sure I could find
> good Italian garb either).

Appropriate Italian garb is actually easy & quick to make--and not overly
costly--at least for the ladies. I haven't researched the matter for the
gents. Etain helped me make my garb. Maybe she could help you...or both of
us together. Where are you located? We could have a sewing party. :-)

> Also, in the spirit of saying things that go without saying but sometimes
> don't, make sure you don't forget to plan out the in-between patter.  You
> want someone who is good at public speaking to present the dances and
> possibly even have some shtick.

I think all most the folks who have taught dance to me can do this. Some are
better than others so maybe they could all take turns so that each of them
gets more public speaking experience outside of the SCA scene. I like the
idea of explaining what the dance is about though with the Italian theme of
boy meets girl who must be wooed or coaxed back would be tiresome to repeat
time after time and would need better than the usual dance class patter.


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